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Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi (A.A.T.M.)

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Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi (A.A.T.M.) is an exhibition designed to identify young artists and to help them develop their art.

Our judges visit graduation project exhibits at major art universities and graduate schools around Japan to search out potential exhibit items. The outstanding pieces and artists they find are then featured at the Gyoko Underground Gallery in the Marunouchi underground area. This is followed by a public screening, at which time the Grand Prize and other prize winners are chosen.

A.A.T.M. is proving to be a gateway to success for young artists: since its launch in 2007, the Award has had a tangible impact on the art scene by providing many budding artists with the opportunity to launch their careers.

The A.A.T.M. brings yet-undiscovered talent together at the Gyoko Underground Gallery to introduce this talent to the public. Our judges, armed with a keen sense of aesthetics, choose works that eloquently illustrate the atmosphere of our times, such that both the passers-by who see the works—and the artists who created them—gain a new kind of art experience. To make the exhibition even more open, we will also offer the Audience Award starting this year.

It is our hope that everyone will enjoy this contest between talented young artists. We believe it reflects the very future of art.


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