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B-103 Namsanplatinum, 87,
Hoehyeon-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu,
Seoul,100-052 Korea
tel: +82-2-741-6320
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Purpose of AHAF The main purpose of AHAF is to achieve a revitalization of networks within Asian Art Markets and to support the stimulation of exchange through encouraging participation of different countries. 「Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair SEOUL 2012」 is especially aimed at integrating Asia as one, following t ...read more

#207 Asea Bld
171-1 Waryongdong, Jongnogu,
Seoul Korea, 110-360
tel: 82 2 521 9613/4
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ART EDITION is an international art fair organized by Korea Print Photography Promotion Association (KPPPA) specializing in limited edition artworks, such as print, photography, sculpture and media art. ART EDITION corresponds to the development of digital culture and encourages the production and sales of multiple art ...read more

1-130, Dong sung dong,
Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 2 760 4500
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Based on the belief that great art releases energy to change all of our lives, The Arts Council Korea was established to provide everyone to share the great pleasure of creation, and enjoy a value filled life by supporting businesses and activities for the promotion of culture and the arts.The Korean Culture and Arts F ...read more

Artsonje Center
87 Yulgok-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu
Seoul, Korea (110-200)
tel: +82 2 733 8945
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The Artsonje center, founded in 1998, is a private art museum which supports current and experimental contemporary art. Although it is rather a young organization which just has celebrated its fifth year, its international quality exhibitions and educational programs have been receiving attention by those in the art fi ...read more

35-1 Tongy-Dong,
Seoul, 110-040 Korea
tel: +82 2 720 0667
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The Mission of Daelim Contemporary Art Museum is to promote excellence and achievement in the artistic community of the Seoul City area. As a photograph-specialized museum, Daelim Contemporary Art Museumpresents a variety of modern photograph artworks to the people in this area and develops remarkable and young domesti ...read more

Jongno-youngchu mungil
Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 2 730 6216
The work of art materials gimdaljin museum of modern art, we leave food straight to work and provide information himsseumyeo art based on accurate data to put the flow of art making in the field of contemporary art, we record the party as the basal diet is going to get this straight.Seoul Art Base Museum formally gimda ...read more

1F-Arcade M105,
248-7 Nonhyun-dong,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-010
tel: +82 70 8836 8718
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Advancing the history of art and promoting innovative movements and trends in contemporary art, Doors Art Fair aspires to set a new platform for promising emerging artists who look to communicate to the world through their innate sensibilities and open imaginations. Popularity and commercialism have attempted to tame a ...read more

Daewon Bldg, 6F
36gil, Itaewonro, Yongsangu
Seoul, Korea
tel: +82 2 556 1440
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102-407, Unhyeongung SK Hub Bldg, 89-4,
Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-776, Korea
tel: +82 2 733 3706~8
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The appreciation of art results in a happier feeling and deeper understanding of other people and the world. Art is a creation that lifts our human spirit. Art enriches our spirit.

Haseo-ro Buk-gu,
Gwangju, Korea
tel: +82 62 521 7556
History August 1, 1992 - Opening of the Gwangju City Art Museum (1 Office and 2 Departments)November 2, 1992 - Opening of Permanent Exhibition HallsSeptember 20, 1995 - Opening of Biennale HallFebruary 17, 1996 - Incorporation with Biennale Support Headquarters (1 Bureau, 2 Departments, 1 Office, and 7 Sections)Septem ...read more

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