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Smart Gallery was developed with two very distinct missions in mind:

To identify/develop unique contemporary Chinese artists and present/exhibit them to discriminating global art patrons. They will endeavor to do this by working directly with the artists we represent so that there is never a question of authenticity for any of the works, which are acquired. Based on sound business practices they will continue to grow the collection of artists that they represent offering even more selections for their clients. They will look for a broad spectrum of artists many employing traditional methods of classical Chinese techniques or themes.

To expose the Chinese and ex pat clients in Shanghai to international artwork of significance. In order to accomplish this they will have themed exhibits. Some upcoming shows include contemporary American artists and European portraits of the renaissance. They believe that this exposure to the bigger art market will help stimulate discussion and appreciation of the global art movement.

Everyone at Smart Gallery wants to create patrons and friends of the arts for life. They will do this by cultivating and exposing their clients to some of the finest examples of art available worldwide. They will help to educate their patrons with exhibits and information that they can use to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the artists they exhibit. We are here for the long haul not to move on after the latest fad has long been forgotten. Smart Gallery respects longevity and commitment to the art and artists they will represent and most of all to the clients who trust them.
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