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9-7-6 Akasaka
Tokyo, Japan
tel: +81 3 3475 2121
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Insight and a discerning eye are essential in design. 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT was born as a venue to redirect our eyes to everyday things and events, and create various proposals and communicate numerous discoveries from the design point of view. As a place where visitors can be exposed to the pleasures of design and ha ...read more

6-11-14 Sotokanda
Tokyo 101-0021 Japan
tel: +81 3 6803 2441
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About 3331:We are delighted to announce the launch of 3331, a new multi-level art center opening in Akihabara in March 2010.Custom renovated at the site of the former Chiyoda Rensei Junior High School, this new art center will offer a range of different project and exhibition spaces.Employing the model of an 'alternati ...read more

2-5-10 Shirakawa
Tokyo, Japan
tel: +81 3 5620 1475
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Opening hours:Tue - Sat  12 noon - 8 pm   closed on Sun, Mon & Public Holidays

Murakoshi Bldg. 2F
1 Sugacho, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160 0018 Japan
tel: + 81 3 6380 5696
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3-3-6 Hirano Koto-ku
135-0023 Japan
tel: +81 3 5620 2165
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Introduction:ANDO GALLERY opened in July 2008 near the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo in Kiyosumi-shirakawa.The building has been constructed by refurbishing the vine covered old storehouse, and its environment offers viewers a one on one experience with artworks. ANDO GALLERY seeks and transmits the art of a new ag ...read more

Kamimeguro Meguro,
Tokyo, Japan
tel: +81 3 3711 4099
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Opening hours: Daily 11am - 7pm

Shirokane Art Complex
3-1-15-2F, Shirokane Minato-ku
Tokyo 108-0072 Japan
tel: +81 3 5422 8320
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Arataniurano opened in July 2007 in Shintomicho, next door to the Ginza area. We run a diverse program of exhibitions and projects that introduce artists whose work expresses a sense of tension and intensity in relation to this age. We have combined our experience and social networks with the aim of creating a broader ...read more

Hillside Terrace A
29-18 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 1500033, Japan
tel: +81 3 3476 4869
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Art Front GraphicsArt Front Graphics first opened the door hoping that everyone to casually enjoy art, as you choose curtains or furniture for your home. Art Front Graphics is a space for interaction where you can relax and feel closer to art like you enjoy music. We introduce various styles of artworks by contemporary ...read more

Galeria 3F, 5-51-3,
Jingumae, Shibuya-ward,
Tokyo, Japan #150-0001
tel: +81 3 5467 3938
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Art-U room opened its door in the spring of 2004 in GALERIA, a gallery-complex building in Jingumae, Tokyo. This new space takes charge of the contemporary section of Art-U which operates in Osaka since 1983, and is designed as a platform for multidisciplinary programs which cover not only fine art but design, fashion ...read more

B107, Arts Chiyoda 3331
6-11-14 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-0021 Japan
tel: +81 3 6240 1973
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Opening hours:Tue - Sat  11 am - 7 pm   closed on Sun & Mon

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