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Creative Center, located on the 4th floor of Bund18, has been extending its artistic reach to communities with various types of artworks. In 2007, Bund18 Real Estate Development Ltd renovated the space to include Lounge18. Creative Center is an open space for epochal trends. With extended operation hours, the space welcomes the public to approach art.

Lounge18 provides a new space for scholarly conversations and a relaxing place in a cultural context. Over here, you will no longer be passively accepting talks, but become a discussion producer, generating the most imaginative topics from diverse disciplines.

Art & Design Shop "YOUNIK" is another vital part of Creative Center, allowing everyone to own a piece of art. You may easily bring home an artwork for the joy of your daily life.

As a multi-purpose art space, Creative Center mainly presents contemporary art, with presentation format ranging from design, performance to video, covering all aspects of daily human life in an attempt to close the gap between art and normal people's lives.

- Director Statement Creative Center will eventually become an extremely lively and open cultural space. The Center has a very clear direction: to provide young artists a place to exhibit and experiment their work, and to provide an opportunity for the established ones to re-introduce themselves with refreshed masterpieces. In order to increase public appreciation of art, the Center operates on a non-profit basis, aiming to become a leading art space in China and even in Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. We look forward to Bund18 Creative Center becoming the representative of Asian culture with upfront most art space, capturing each change and creation of the art world for the future. Creative Center will become a place for the public, connecting art to everyday life to inspire even the most ordinary person for a creative idea.


Opening hours:
Daily 10am - 7pm


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