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‘Shan Shui Chuan’ is a name that expresses our dreams and our attitude toward art.

‘Shan Shui’ refers to the scene of mountains and rivers which is particularly favored by ancient Chinese artists and commonly described in Chinese art works; it is a complex in Chinese culture, of which we regard as the symbol of essence in Chinese traditional culture. And ‘Chuan’ means the sagas of which we inherited from our ancestors, means to pass down the traditions to our posterities, and also indicates the resolution of our gallery to become the new legend of our epoch. We are ready to pass down the talent and brilliance of predecessors as well as their devotion to this native land and people. And we hope that at the same time we inherit these virtues, we could promote the contemporary art of China to a new stage, and bring about innovation and further development through our own effort.

‘Shanghai Art Legend Gallery (Shan Shui Chuan Gallery)’ is at present a platform, a basement, a laboratory of art, and will be in future a school, a treasure repository of art resources. We hope sincerely that it would leave something memorable for the development of art in this nation and for this age.

Here we would like to express our gratitude to our comrades and friends for their care, support and help throughout the years. We know that the friendship between us as well as the passion of art and the love to this land that we all possess will never change.



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