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Shanghai Gallery of Art
3rd Floor,
No.3 the Bund,
Shanghai 200002, China   map * 
tel: +86 21 6321 5757     fax: +86 21 5350 0059
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The Shanghai Gallery of Art (SGA) at Three on the Bund is Shanghai's most prominent art venue, where museum-quality exhibitions of world-renowned and newly emerging international artists mark a fresh era for contemporary art in Shanghai.

Shanghai Gallery of Art aims to become China's most authoritative and influential private gallery by presenting and promoting international contemporary art with a special vested concentration on art from China. Committed to creating an open platform that fosters dialog between mainstream society and the art community, SGA not only exhibits Chinese and International contemporary art of the highest standards but illuminates the dynamics of contemporary culture through lectures, discussions and performances. Through its series of interdisciplinary and thought provoking programs SGA has cultivated ties with major international museums, art foundations, galleries, collectors and critics from around the world.

For collectors, SGA is an important centre for both consultation and acquisition of works. SGA offers clients long-term support in building their collections of both eminent and emerging artists. The gallery is foremost a space for learning and discourse – a haven in which to immerse oneself in the vibrant and provocative arts of the 21st Century.

Every new exhibition is initiated by a reception and special events that encourage open discussion between people of different disciplines including businesspeople, art patrons, socialites, the general public, as well as the artists themselves.


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