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Hakgojae Shanghai
No.101, building9
Moganshan Road #50, M50 Art Zone, Putuo District,
Shanghai, China   map * 
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Hakgojae is a birthplace of art located at Northern Village of Seoul hoary and rich in history. Hakgojae's space for exhibition is a harmony of elegance of traditional Korean house with refined taste of western style house. Hakgojae's philosophy of 'Create things new by mastering things ancient' is revealed very clearly from external appearance of the structure. The building in front regurgitating lessons of the past and building on the back searching for things now and here stand shoulder by shoulder thus inspiring us what to create tomorrow.                                                                                                                    
Hakgojae which took its first step in Insa-dong, Seoul in 1988 celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2008. As construction of additional building at a new venue where tradition and modernity coexist was completed in Northern Village of Seoul it is emphasizing 'modernity with root' in its planning for exhibitions too. Exhibition celebrating its 20th anniversary manifests new Hakgojae's paradigm well. Sensitive Systems which was planned in celebration of its anniversary by Lornd Hegyi, Curator of Saint Etienne Gallery in France and remind us where is origin of creation. It properly presages future vision to be drawn eventually by artistic creative energy. Four artists whose works are exhibited in the gallery are Lee Ufan, Roman Opalka, Gieuseppe Penone and Guenther Ueker. 
Empathy between things old and new are in tune to identity of Hakgojae and it is also an orientation of modern art to survive in future. Exhibition planned by Hakgojae was not veering off from founding philosophy of Gallery Hakgojae. <Paintings and writings of 19C literati> <Paintings without signatures> <Paintings at end of Old Chosun Kingdom> <Calligraphy during the middle of Chosun Kingdom Era> <Aesthetics of Encounter and Parting> <Ecstasy of Merrymaking> <Spirit and Vigor in the latter part of Chosun Era> etc. made to look back new value of traditional art. It unfolded extraordinary vista in terms of themes and composition thus attracted special attention from the press and elicited praise from aficionados. Also modern artists exhibition unfolded diverse spectrum. Exhibition of artists such as Kang Gyung-gu, Kang Mi-seon, Kang Yo-bae, Kang Ik-joong, Kim Ho-deuk, Moon Bong-seon, Min Jung-gi, Park Sung-sil, Seok Cheol-ju, Song Pil-yong, Song Heon-sook, Shin Hak-cheol, Shim Hyun-hee, Ahn Gyu-cheol, Oh Yoon, Yoon Seok-nam, Lee Young-tae, Lee Jong-gu, Lee Hyo-sung, Jung Sang-hwa, Jung Hyun and Han Gi-chang etc. who fiercely search for beauty creation at home and abroad offered an opportunity to have a glimpse on flow of modernity. Besides above mentioned Kim Dong-hyun, Kim Atta and Lee Myung-ho are with Hakgojae.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Also Hakgojae introduced progressive works of foreign artists positively to the country. Through <Minimalism in Landscape> works of Frank Stella, Donald Judd, Robert Mangold, Richard Tuttle, Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman were introduced. Besides world renowned artists such as Le Corbusier, Jene Highstein, Tim Lowly, Julian Opie, Michael Craig-Martin, Ian Davenport, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Liu Xiaodong and Bernard Frize etc. met their aficionados through Hakgojae.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Hakgojae enthusiastically participated in overseas art fair in order to introduce capable Korean artists to abroad and to induce competent foreign artists to Korea. It prepared its booths at art fairs abroad with strong individuality such as ARCO of Spain, CIGE, SHContemporary and ART HK of China, ACAF and Art Chicago of USA.                                                                                                                            
Hakgojae is looking for artists who can leave their trace in art history. By constantly planning for exhibitions deserving attention in art sector we affirm our resolve to become cradle of modern art loved by art lovers.

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