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Having experienced the hardships of life, I have come to realize that the happiest and most enjoyable moments of my life, in which I find the true-me are the time when I engage in painting.

I like the way Martiss looked at the world. He looked at the world in a childishly na?ve way and used simple, strong and heavy colors to depict a beautiful world in free and powerful brushes, leaving his spectators in a pleasant mood, to escape all the worries and grieves and to look at our short life in a positive manner. One could continuously adjust his mind and the way he acts always keep his mood in a state capable of producing good works. One could always do all kinds of experiments on the canvas, and experiments mean adventure, which results in either success or failure. None of these, however, is as important as the enlightenment the whole process brings to me ,in which I look for a much higher bangles way of expression, giving the mind a chance to feel the beauty and wonder in art and life. The magic of art is that it has no national boundaries. It encompasses the whole world and touches the hearts of people. Let’s enjoy the intoxication and excitement embodied in the power of color, then try to d everything well.

Arts flourish in solitary and wither in flashiness, of which I have an intimate understanding. What I have been doing and will always do is to build my soul with the language of oil painting.

Tian Xue Sen


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