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55 Sydenham Rd
55 Sydenham Road
Marrickville NSW 2204
Australia   map * 
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This is an art space situated at a commercial property once occupied by an undercover KGB unit between 1983-1990. The late Dr Jim Cairns (former Deputy Prime Minister for the Whitlam Government) was reported to be the owner of the estate during this period. It was later revealed that a team of scientists conducted intensive research on the psychokinetic powers of Nina Kulagina (1926-1990). Following Nina’s death, the building came under review by the NSW Government as a result of complaints made by the subsequent tenants. On evaluation of the premises, the Department of Planning reported abnormal activity on site and requested assistance from the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). Their paranormal investigative unit concluded that a poltergeist had taken possession of the lot. Several attempts were made to channel the specter for intelligence purposes, all of which failed and resulted in twelve unexplained deaths.                                                                      
“It represents the most conceited, convoluted and contrived contemporary art in Australia. It is an exclusive clique, full of wanky mumbo-jumbo types who claim a posterity they don’t deserve. I of course understand the need for artist-run spaces, but most just make room for stuff we could do without, and such is the terrible fate of this gallery. Luckily, the public will only have to be subjected to their pestilent pretensions for a maximum two years, as it will no doubt sink under the weight of its own obscurity.”
John Mcdonald, Sydney Morning Herald

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