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13th October 2014

Singaporean Khairuddin Hori, 40, has been appointed as deputy programming director at the Palais de Tokyo. The institution, which is in Paris, is one of the world's foremost contemporary art centres. Khairuddin will take up the post there in November.full story

13th October 2014

Organized by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture, the Taiwan Film Institute, Taipei Cultural Center in New York and the Center for Moving Image Arts at Bard College, the touring retrospective “Also Like Life” is currently in New York until Oct. 17 before ...full story

12th October 2014

Downtown Hong Kong is turning into an open air gallery. Sketches, installations, paintings and posters are starting to take over the highway occupied by protesters. People are using art to continue their peaceful movement, and it's changing the way the ...full story

11th October 2014

Photos of Hong Kong's “umbrella movement” have ricocheted around the world. But artist Perry Dino has been capturing the drama in a more old-fashioned way, with oil color and brush. Beginning with an Aug. 31 rally, Dino has created eight canvases ...full story

10th October 2014

A simple and flimsy tool, its use by protestors to protect themselves against the Hong Kong police's use of pepper spray and tear gas on Sept. 28 made it the symbol of the protests. Perhaps the most prominent artwork to have been created so far from ...full story

8th October 2014

While there were signs on Monday that Hong Kong's protests might be coming to a low ebb, their visual impact looks likely to last for a while. "This is the most well-designed protest in recent memory," says Colette Gaiter, an Associate Professor of Art ...full story

7th October 2014

Singapore's decision to ban the public screening of a documentary that featured an interview with six political exiles has put the spotlight on how the country is regulating and even censoring the arts and entertainment industry. The film “To Singapore ...full story

6th October 2014

From the horse paintings in Miami that honor the late Chinese artist Xu Beihong to the giant dancing water drops installed in Milan, the Hong Kong native Ma blended his passion for nature -using bold ideas of Chinese and Western techniques - in his ...full story

6th October 2014

These artworks, are by their very nature temporary. If – or most likely when – the authorities move the protestors off the site, these vivid, attention-grabbing pieces will be consigned to the dustbin. What a tragedy that will be, for the centre of ...full story

6th October 2014

"The inspiration was this idea of dealing with new relationships between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space in relation to new technologies," Katrib explained to The Huffington Post Arts. "Through that we came up with three points we wanted to ...full story

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