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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Taichung's No. 65 park
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Sensory Topology – Bodily Perception of Taiwan Contemporary Art
Date: 12 Oct - 28 Nov 2010

The deepening penetration of contemporary life by technology and media is changing people’s perception and understanding of time and space in significant ways. Travel through a shrinking world compels our bodies to keep probing the world outside. The distance between us and others constantly diminishes, and interactive sensory experiences increase in frequency with the development of sensory media.

Following two years of collaborative efforts, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) and Guangdong Museum of Art commenced vigorous art exchanges in 2010. Early in the year At the Crossroad – Contemporary Art from the Guangdong Fine Arts Museum Collection was held at NTMoFA, effectively presenting Chinese artists’ concepts of the unique contemporary time and space and careful observation of the societal zeitgeist. This autumn, as Guangzhou hosts the Asian Games, we present Sensory Topology – Bodily Perception of Taiwan Contemporary Art, conceived and planned by the NTMoFA, at the Guangdong Museum of Art. With sensory perception in contemporary Taiwanese art as the theme, the exhibition endeavors to develop sensory experience other than the visual, stressing active physical interaction within the existential environment, and the stimulation and response of varied sensory systems. The energy and creative force of physical being brought out by art blends with the city aura this year’s Asian Games bring to Guangzhou, stressing the interaction, coordination, and connection of the body and environment. This artful call and response is sure to lend the exhibition of Sensory Topology – Bodily Perception of Taiwan Contemporary Art in Guangzhou expansive cultural significance.

This exhibition enlists the talents of 11 young Taiwanese artists sharply attuned to changing times, namely Tao Ya-lun, Wang Te-yu, Wu Dar-kun, Hung Shih-tsung, Tsai Wen-shiang, Huang Pei-ying, Yao Chung-han, Chang Yung-ta, Lin Guan-ming, Jen Ta-hsien, and Chuang Chih-wei. Running the gamut of varied media including photography, sound, spatial installations, mixed media sculpture and painting, their works place particular emphasis on organic interaction with viewers via eyes, ears, nose, hands, body and mind. Their approaches highlight the concerted reflection of Taiwanese artists in response to today’s space and time, marking a departure from past emphasis on visual expression. In addition to bringing out the multifaceted creative attributes of Taiwanese artists, we hope to afford viewers a shared art experience to touch the body and mind at a closer level.

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