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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Taichung's No. 65 park
tel: +886 04 2372 3552     fax: +886 04 2372 1195
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YES, TAIWAN - 2014 Taiwan Biennial
Artist(s): GROUP SHOW
Date: 13 Sep - 7 Dec 2014

The year 2014 marks the fourth, YES, TAIWAN - Taiwan Biennial, which is an exhibition under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and organized by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts since 2008, with the exhibition held every other year intended to propose and showcase a comprehensive discourse for the latest art in Taiwan. Continuing from its existing foundation and achievements, this year’s YES, TAIWAN - Taiwan Biennial will once again place emphasis on art exhibitions and events that have taken place in Taiwan in the last two years (2012~2013) and will feature five subcategories of Subjectivity Reconstructed, Society Reproduced, Tradition Interpreted, Art Expanded, and Youth Received and Parted. The objective is to present the vanguard and critical developmental trends observed in Taiwanese visual art.

With a sense of mission for Taiwanese art in mind, we aim to incorporate the diverse features found in the art of our nation into the organization of this exhibition, which is conducted through comprehensive studies and also the dynamic two-fold approach of theme-based exhibition and open call for entries. We look forward to the contributions from different artists and to be able to document the present and future art history of Taiwan based on a complete and enriched perspective. After in-depth studies by the staff members of our museum and also through joint discussions and exchanges, 38 artists/collectives are selected to be featured in this year’s YES, TAIWAN - Taiwan Biennial, as we joined together in witnessing the diversity and richness of visual art in Taiwan.

As a biennial that focuses on Taiwanese art, these 38 contributing artists/collectives not only represent 38 different creative journeys; they also symbolize the interconnected impacts and interdisciplinary dialogues that are happening between different art genres found on the vibrant land of Taiwan. They have come together to form a powerful surge in the developmental course of Taiwanese art, as they take root to cultivate this terrain of culture that we all collectively enjoy. Because of the realizations achieved by the many outstanding artists, Taiwanese art is continuously striving forward, with horizons unremittingly being broadened. We hope that in this globalized era, with each YES, TAIWAN - Taiwan Biennial acting as a witness for a specific segment in time, Taiwanese art’s unique features will be able to rise and shine ever so brightly in the transnational world of art.


Curator / CHANG Cheng-Lin


Participating Artists (Name in alphabetical order: CHANG Chia-Ying, CHANG Chien-Chi, CHANG En-Man, Chang Ling, Chen Kuan-Ying, CHEN Wan-Jen, CHIEN Fu-Chuan, Etan PAVAVALUNG, HSIEH Chun-Te, HSU Yu-Jen, HSUEH Pao-Shia, HUANG Chin-Fu, HUANG Jui-Chen, HUANG Yu-Hang, KAO Chung-Li, LAI Chih-Sheng, LAI Pei-Yu, LIAO Chien-Chung, LIN Hung-Hsin, PAN Sheau-Shei, PU Shuai-Cheng, SHEN Xin-You, TONG Yang-Tze +CHIANG Le-Jing+ YANG Wei-Lin, TSAU Saiaiu-Yue, TSENG Wei-Hao, WAN Yi-Yi, WANG Chien-Yang, WANG Fu-Jui, WANG Ya-Hui, WU Chi-Tao, WU Ma-Li and Bamboo Curtain Studio, WU Tien-Chang, YAO Jui-Chung, YEH Jen-Kun, YEN Ming-Hung, YEN Yu-Tyan, YU Cheng-Ta, YUAN Chin-Taa

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