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We are the Future
Date: 26 May - 12 Aug 2012

The Boundary between Art and Technology is increasingly blurred.

In the future, everything will become a part of technology; conversely, in order to survive in the technological domain, everything will become art.

What is the information society? It is an age in which communication networks envelop the world, and where the digital domain drives and innovates all aspects of human lives.

So, what is the digital domain? Information, as such, is free from physical material and can be mediated. For humans, everything originated as a mass of information. Before the digital era, art and technology required material substance in order to mediate that information.

This mediating material substance stood apart from, and had no connection with art and technology. Once information is free from physical material, the border between art and technology will ceases to exist.

In the digital domain, unconnected domains and the borders between them disappear. Borders no longer exist between domains and technology, and technology both drives and innovates them. As a result, everything becomes a part of technology.

The information society, however, will also bring other changes. Increasing speed of information exchange sensitizes us to differences in areas that can be verbally and logically described. This gives rise to phenomena, such as kakkoii (cool), kawaii (cute), kimoii (revolting), omoroi (interesting) -- each highly specific to the Japanese language and are difficult to share. This is the space where most innovation arises.

Throughout history culture has continuously created non-verbally and unconsciously.

This cultural innovation is reconstructed in the technological domain, and technology and culture have become a part of industry.

All output, as well as objects and ideas that already exist, will become art in order to survive.

Ultra-Technologist group teamLab

A digital domain where no single expertise creates solely, though all expertise involved will grow in strength from the process. teamLab comprises of information society specialists, such as: Programmers (Application Programmers, User Interface Engineers, DB Engineers, and Network Engineers), Robotic Engineers, Mathematicians, and Architects, as well as Web Designers, Graphic Designers, CG Animators, Editors and Artists.

teamLab creates by gathering a team of specialists whose expertise blend into each other’s areas of expertise.

teamLab believes that it is important to discover a new thing not only by creating it, but also from within the creative process; and then using the opportunity as a springboard to the next step.

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