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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Taichung's No. 65 park
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Read My Lips
Artist(s): WANG Wen Ping
Date: 24 Sep - 27 Nov 2011

Mr. Wang Wen-ping graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University in 1983. Later on he studied at Long Island University in New York, and received Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. Wang won the recognition of Hsiung Shih New Artist Prize back in 1977. Since then, for more than three decades now, Wang has been exploring different possibilities in art, and therefore he displays an ever-changing style; from realism to abstract, to painting, installation, or even plastic art, all his works showcase his devotion and passion in art creation.

The 20 pieces on display at this exhibition—Read My Lips—are the works Wang created by using “lips” as the theme, and “aluminum” as the media. The works depict passionate lips, graceful lips, staid lips, and romantic lips, as well as realistic and abstract development and transformation. These are all discourses on the artist’s inner emotions. On one hand, they are sensible realizations; on the other, these works are the fruits of the artist’s passion towards life and the things and events in it. This is also the reason why Wang’s works glow with an intriguing charm.

Just as the artist clarified in his own statement: “’Read My Lips’ is not about categorizing the different types of lips; it is about looking into the hearts through observations.” Hopefully at this exhibition, the audiences are able to dialogue with the works, which not only allows them to see Wang’s clever integrations of the warm “lips” and cold “aluminum”, but to indulge in and explore the vocabularies that the artist wants to convey, as well as to appreciate the beauty of these artworks.

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