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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Taichung's No. 65 park
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Little Wonders
Date: 2 Apr - 19 Jun 2011

Digital gadgets and modern technologies are prevalent in our lives. As mice replace paintbrushes and screens replace canvas, the creative process of art is being revolutionized like never before. In this exhibition, seven artists use digital media to bring together/juxtapose seven different ways of life while weaving through/subverting daily life happenings. By observing the ordinary, the artists seek extended views of it. By discovering the extraordinary, they share unique, unprecedented experience in art. They successfully dissimilate and re-module the most trivial elements, creating brand-new landscape of life.

First: the wonders of the ordinary

Spectators will find themselves looking out a room window in DarkRoom. Hsieh Jo-Lin revisits her own window-gazing experience that makes her feel familiar and strange at the same time. Din Chin-Chung is fascinated by the sounds of machines in repetitive operations. He delves into the relations and potentiality between such sounds and other daily-life objects. Wang Cheng-Yang explores the world of e-communications in Interrupter, showcasing the awkward changes of human relations in a digital area. Iron light shades, light tubes and water can be easily found in daily life. By using objects as such, Sun Yu-Ning in The sea is not inside there yet+Scene 1 presents a physical state of being surrounded, filled and lost in space.

Second: the wonders of the extraordinary

Wu Pei-Jung explores man’s self-identification and sense of existence in the subconscious in As Morpheus to Morpheus. He presents the god of dreams in a surrealistic way. By interlacing gastroscopic images with childhood travel routes in Travel Deep, Ma Wei-Yuan displays the remains of nonexistent scenery. In a reversed way, Wang Lien-Cheng uses real sounds to simulate electronic ones in Pseudo-Electronic Music. By using modern machineries and digital media, the seven artists of this exhibition showcase their little wonders in daily life. They gaze at the ordinary; they capture the extraordinary. They create.

Concept of Curating/ Din Chin-Chung

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