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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Taichung's No. 65 park
tel: +886 04 2372 3552     fax: +886 04 2372 1195
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Singing Mandala
Artist(s): CHEN Chu-Yin
Date: 2 Apr - 26 Jun 2011

Singing Mandala is an autonomous and interactive piece of digital art installation. This piece entails that the 3D animation, which is created by an artificial intelligence algorithm, triggers instant interactions with the audience and at the same time synchronizes with the movement of the astrological bodies.

This installation art project features a cyclorama in which the audience can enjoy the cosmic sound of the universe while at the same time indulge themselves in the long-lasting serene sound of the Tibetan singing bowls. The sounds are then recorded by the onsite sound-capture system and processed through artificial intelligence algorithms to subsequently produce a colorful, glittering and translucent collection of mandala-shaped vibratory images. As these stunning images are projected onto the cyclorama wall, they are echoed with the beautiful and mysterious sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls which also affect the angle and speed in which the colorful mandalas rotate.

The soothing sounds and atmosphere, which are central to this piece of instant interactive art installation, are the result of the perfect fusion between the Oriental/Buddhist culture, neuroscience and computer technology (i.e. artificial life and artificial intelligence). Constituted from electromagnetic waves of the universe, the sound in the background is utilized to create an open artistic stage. When the audience strike the singing bowl with a soft mallet, the sound penetrates into the core of the human body and resonates with its inner rhythms. At the same time, the colors and intensity of the lights change along the sounds which are controlled by the hand movement of the audience. As the human body absorbs the information of the senses, the audience are introduced to a magical world of meditative beauty.

The Artist’s Statement / CHEN Chu-Yin

Exhibition Dates:  2011/04/02 ~ 2011/06/26
Place:East Lobby Gallery, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

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