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Daelim Contemporary Art Museum
35-1 Tongy-Dong,
Seoul, 110-040 Korea
tel: +82 2 720 0667     fax: +82 2 720 0665
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The Mission of Daelim Contemporary Art Museum is to promote excellence and achievement in the artistic community of the Seoul City area. As a photograph-specialized museum, Daelim Contemporary Art Museum
presents a variety of modern photograph artworks to the people in this area and develops remarkable and young domestic and international artists.

Daelim Contemporary Art Museum is committed to:
Presentation of Photographic Art. To diffuse photographic art to the public, Daelim Contemporary Art Museum will introduce domestic and international contemporary photograph artwork with effective interpretive programs.
Audience Development. Daelim Contemporary Art Museum will maintain opportunities for diverse citizens to be engaged in the artistic activities. Especially for the people who are alienated from the arts, the Museum wants to be some place where they can enjoy so that the more people become exposed to the arts in Korea.
Cultural Improvement in the Region. Besides exhibition, Daelim Contemporary Art Museum will serve as cultural place for the regional community as well as performances, concerts, lectures, and readings.
Education. Through various classes, Daelim Contemporary Art museum enhance our quality of life and encourage self-confidence, creativity, and critical thinking for children and adults.


Opening Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m (Closed on Mondays)


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