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Purpose of AHAF
The main purpose of AHAF is to achieve a revitalization of networks within Asian Art Markets and to support the stimulation of exchange through encouraging participation of different countries. 「Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair SEOUL 2012」 is especially aimed at integrating Asia as one, following through Asia Art Net Committee’s foundation.

This year AHAF proposes

1. To revitalize the current Asian Art Market’s growth in Seoul as a hub of contemporary art
2. To support and deepen exchange between galleries in Asia
3. To promote and foster both emerging and established artists to the Asian Art Market.

Meaning behind Hotel Art Fair
1. Beyond ‘hotel’ as a site Generally hotel is a site designed for accommodation as well as a place designed for ultimate relaxation and getaway. AHAF in this regard, utilizes the physical space for exhibition purposes beyond hotelier’s original intention. The hotel as a site encourages art and collaboration as a destination which will support entertainment.
2. Expansion of Artistic Potential Veering away from the conventional approach that art viewing should only happen within the white-cubed space, Hotel Art Fair emphasizes integrative aspect of art from the point of both exhibitors and the audience. Also, getting past the thinking that art should only serve decorative purposes, the event itself becomes part of art making gesture. Through this concept, it is expected that a new level of artistic potential will be discovered.

Hotel Art Fair’s Character
1) Economical Art Fair Rental fee for exhibition booth is significantly more economical when compared to other events and fairs. Also galleries participating from abroad are able to save on accommodation fees.
2) Themed Art Fair The new display concept provides audience to imagine the artwork being placed in their own private environment.

Exhibition Background
In the beginning, ‘the Hotel Art Fair’ as a concept had been launched with SCOPE in Miami. Aside from SCOPE, AQUA ART FAIR and BRIDGE ART FAIR have started with similar initiatives. Already in New York since the beginning of 2000 art fairs held in hotels such as POOL ART FAIR and RED DOT NEW YORK have been established. In Europe, especially in Berlin this trend and characteristic is emphasized through fairs held in small scale hotels or drive-in motels. In case of Asia, it should be mentioned that Japan’s ART OSAKA, Taipei’s YOUNG ART TAIPEI have trialed this model with similar vision. However there is one aspect that distinguishes Hotel Art Fair from the rest of Asian counterparts. With ASIA ART NET Committee’s initiative, Asia Top Gallery Art Fair has a vision to unite Korea, China and Japan. Amongst these top quality galleries’ participation, AHAF wishes to introduce Korean contemporary art and the art market scene to the global stage. Also AHAF strives to promote contemporary art to all existing Korean galleries and emerging artists with a proactive approach.


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