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Doors Art Fair Committee
1F-Arcade M105,
248-7 Nonhyun-dong,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-010
tel: +82 70 8836 8718     fax: +82 2 3440 8570
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Advancing the history of art and promoting innovative movements and trends in contemporary art, Doors Art Fair aspires to set a new platform for promising emerging artists who look to communicate to the world through their innate sensibilities and open imaginations. Popularity and commercialism have attempted to tame artists and limit their creativity by judging art based on secular criteria. The artists have continued against such odds with free spirits and strong beliefs to undauntedly challenge the boundaries of contemporary art. The materially oriented art market seems to be moving backwards by abandoning, interrupting and regulating the arts. Galleries are at the foundation of this market and therefore we believe the art market should focus on the progress of contemporary art and its place in the broader and continuous history of art.

Doors Art Fair proudly presents established and emerging galleries that have forged open and honest relationships with the ambitious contemporary art of young and emerging creators. We would like to create a meaningful momentum where the artists' works. initially inspired from their personal interests and concerns, can meet and communicate with galleries. collectors, critics, curators and the public. We believe there is a moment when a piece of artwork attains objectivity, and the artist becomes the other and the other becomes the creator.


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