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Tokyo Culture Creation Project
3-19-5 Ryogoku,
Tokyo 130-0026
tel: 81 3 5638 8800     fax: 81 3 5638 811
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The Tokyo Culture Creation Project aims to create and transmit the distinctive art forms and culture of Tokyo and educate children through introducing them to the arts and culture. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, in collaboration with various arts organizations, provide cultural events in various areas, including theater, music, traditional performing arts, and fine arts.

Ukiyoe, Japanese wood block prints, and Kabuki drama are renowned around the world as part of Japan’s traditional culture, and have been preserved and nurtured in Tokyo where people can enjoy firsthand experience of them even now. In recent years, Tokyo has become the center for the art and culture of a variety of artists, and from Tokyo, pop culture, typified by Japanese animation, has spread throughout the world.

Tokyo has been approved its candidacy to host the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics. This provides us with an opportunity to make it known, both at home and abroad, that Tokyo is a “city for the creation of art and culture” through creating and promoting the products. We hope you will join us in the Tokyo Culture Creation Project to experience and create Tokyo culture.


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