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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts
1 Hsueh-Yuan Road
Taipei 112, Taiwan
tel: +886 2 2896 1000 ext 2432     fax: +886 2 2893 8870
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Overlooking the Kuandu Plain and constructed alongside the mountain slope, the KdMoFA is the first fine arts museum located within a university campus in Taiwan. A contemporary art piece with unique architectural design, the four-storey museum --- with two basement levels comprising nine exhibition galleries --- offers a quality exterior and interior exhibition space of 720 ‘ping’(2376 sq m). Breaking out of traditional proportional constraints, the design of the museum has adopted an incongruent style to create a sense of movement imbued with interesting possibilities. Viewers amidst the art works will fully appreciate that “art is not far away as it is an experience which stays within the corners of the heart.” 

To gain popularity and acknowledgement, an art museum must have adequate supportive facilities for the long-term promotion of exhibitions, that is, to present art works in a quality space. Though space in an art museum is finite, the development possibilities are infinite. The key is: how to make an exhibition? The uniqueness of the KdMoFA lies in its location within the Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) and has available access to abundant academic resources.  The KdMoFA can be the first real-life environment for undergraduate teaching and learning, as well as the first research ground for doctorate and postgraduate thesis. These advantages will add vitality to the teaching content, stimulate inspirations and refresh creative energy.

An exhibition not only offers an opportunity for artists to present their art works, at the same time it opens up a chance for art work research, observation and sharing. The meaning of art is, through concrete objects, to reveal abstract messages, and to inspire and motivate the viewers' intellectual process of rethinking and dialogue. To strengthen this special quality, the KdMoFA’s overall exhibition direction will focus on “communication”. In the first place, we encourage “outsiders in the crowd”. We believe that outsiders being in the crowd long enough will gain clues to become “insiders”. To motivate this process, a communication channel should be positively constructed between the art works and the viewers.
The practical approach can cover two major areas: firstly, the communication of “objects” and secondly, the communication of “people”. On the communication of “objects”, the KdMoFA combines exhibition resources from other museums, integrates the minds of curators, effectively adopts the creative qualities of residential artists, and through the team work and spirit of staff members, organizes art exhibitions which the viewers can truly “see”. On the communication of “people”, the KdMoFA arranges regular guided tour volunteer training, group appointment guided tours, children art camps and creative D-I-Y art workshops. The aims and themes of art education and promotion, originated from current exhibition content, are to induce viewers the ways of “seeing” art. 

The KdMoFA is an institution of growth, not an institution of authority. The achievement of a meaningful event needs contributions of specific skills from many people, while the KdMoFA further needs to reveal the artistic manifestations of different life and cultural resources. In this sense, the KdMoFA aspires to head towards the direction of both the mass and the academic, not only to be a venue of art experience for the public but also as a platform for academic exchange. Everywhere is art. Art is everywhere. Come to the KdMoFA and you will understand.

Official hours:
Tue - Sun 10am - 5pm  Closed on Mon  Day Off on national holidays


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