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ARTMIA Foundation
261 Caochangdi,
Airport Service Road Chaoyang District,
Beijing China 100015
tel: +86 10 8457 4550     fax: +86 10 8456 5096
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ARTMIA Foundation
Committed to fostering a wide exchange
of diverse and refreshing ideas
about contemporary art in Asia and its roots in oriental culture

A nonprofit institution founded in 2009, ArtMia was devised to initiate, support, present, and promote contemporary art projects. The foundation believes in the power of the fine arts to embody and inspire the pursuit of human excellence. Its founder, Dr. Jin is devoted to providing a platform to various audiences to conduct a wide variety of art exhibitions, research and other events.

Mission Statement
ArtMia is committed nurturing and presenting Asian Contemporary art, and bridging its top talents to international contemporary art scene that reflects the preeminent values of our time. As part of its commitment, ArtMia is very much interested in open-ended exploration, welcoming all who enjoy and understand art, enriching art worldwide, without boundaries.   Core Activities 
To implement this commitment, ArtMia has been taking major roles to present Asian contemporary art through co-operation with curators, artists and scholars of academies through various channels which allow audiences to access information, and create a cultural environment for a diverse public, from artists and scholars, to those who wish to cultivate their aesthetic sensibilities. 
ArtMia exhibits contemporary artworks of unparalleled significance, enabling audiences to experience diverse aesthetic values, and encouraging a deeper understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art. Exhibitions always reflect the highest standards, affording an opportunity to feel a sense of the present, as well as the significance and emotional impact of art on both the national and international level.  ArtMia collects contemporary Asian artworks that demonstrate the continuing excellence of visual art in China, and contemporary art from all over the world. ArtMia aspires to collections that enable Chinese and other countries to share their ideals beyond borders and barriers of time and space.  
ArtMia encourages further research and initiative into new interpretations of Asian Contemporary art through comprehensive analyses of artworks as well as through open discussions of relevant concerns. 

Mia Jin
Dr. Mia Jin graduated from Ewha Women’s University in Korea, received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Peking University, and taught for two years there. She is currently the director of the Sino-Korean Cultural Exchange Center, actively engaged in the promotion of high-level cultural exchanges between China and South Korea. When the Gallery Hyundai of South Korea, a well-known art institution in Asia, set up its first overseas branch in Beijing, the DoART Beijing Gallery, she served as Chief Artistic Director. In 2009, Mia established the ArtMia Foundation, hosted artist Zeng Fanzhi’s solo exhibition at the Suzhou Museum and the Boao Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition at Boao Forum for Asia 2009. Over the years, she has built favorable relations with many outstanding curators, senior critics and art institutions at home and abroad, and established long-term close cooperation with various famous artists in China.

Gallery History
doART Beijing (Dr. Jin, representative) opened in the Caochangdi area of Beijing, in September 2007. Based on the extensive experience and know-how of Gallery HYUNDAI which has made a great contribution to the Korean modern and contemporary art scene over the past 40 years, doART Beijing aimed to offer a new road map by which the Chinese world of art could navigate the international contemporary art scene and the world of Asian art, above and beyond the geographical boundaries of China. doART Beijing aimed to introduce various groups of Chinese contemporary artists, both young unknowns and first-class major artists to the world and at the same time, tried to improve interchanges between China and the international art scene. The gallery accomplished this through the introduction of artists of the world to China, further fostering cultural growth. doART Beijing ultimately aimed to engage in deeper cultural and artistic exchanges between Korea and China, and to promote and develop Asian contemporary art.

From 2009 onwards, the ArtMia Foundation will operate this space with the legacy of doART in mind and aims to be a hub for international contemporary art. Furthermore, the ArtMia Foundation will be offering opportunities for curators from all over the world to submit proposals for exhibition to be reviewed and finally select one for execution.

Past Exhibitions
LIU DAHONG 1988 - 2008
TANG ZHIGANG 1977-2007
Inaugural exhibition, “Marking Time, Waiting for the Answer”
Liu Dahong, Tang Zhigang, Zeng Fanzhi, Zhang Peili, Zhou Chunya, Ye Yongqing,
Bao Lei, Cheng Ran, Gao Shiqiang, Jia Aili, Qin Qi, Tang Ke, Zhang Liaoyuan, Zhang Moyi


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