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Gallery Hyundai
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Kyeong Ja CHEON biography | artworks | events

Cheon Kyeong-ja was born in 1924 and graduated from Tokyo Women's Arts College. She also studied in Paris Academy Goez. In 1955, she won the President Award in Korea Arts Exhibition and the Golden Crown Culture in 1983.

She includes many subjects in her works such as her own perspective of life, the natural beauty, the wonder of life, human being's internal life, and literary meditation. She has been one of the great artists in Korea. In particular, she is quite unique in producing colorful pictures. She deserves praise because she has successfully gone through difficult times from the Japanese colonial period to the sixties when people downplayed colorful pictures as Japanese-style ones.
She predicted that those pictures would be popular in Korea in later days.

Her main images are flowers and women which represent a beauty in general. Since she can infuse everyday life into her paintings, it can be said that her works are products of experience.

Not only that, flowers and women are also symbolic. In short, they can describe everyday life and express symbolic messages to tell people's mind.


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