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Artspace Gallery
PO Box: 506759, The Gate Village Bldg. 3
Level 2, Dubai International Financial Center
Dubai, U.A.E.
tel: +971 4323 0820     fax: +971 4323 0821
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Anatomical Beauty
by Artspace Gallery
Location: Artspace Gallery DIFC
Artist(s): Katya TRABOULSI
Date: 1 Dec - 1 Dec 2014

Katya Traboulsi is a Dubai based, contemporary Lebanese artist. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions around the world. Katya’s art has found its way to several private collections in Canada, France, Switzerland, the United States, England, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan and Lebanon. She has partnered with several organizations to raise funds and awareness for various charities and causes. Katya also regularly donates her pieces for special charitable proceedings as well. She also runs the “Katya Traboulsi Ateliers” in Dubai for emerging young and talented artists. In her work, Katya moves freely with her brush telling a new story with every stroke. She draws inspiration from the environment and the region she lives in. Katya de-dramatizes reality by using bold colors and figures between the real and the unreal. She refers to her expressionist paintings as her “mind releaser” as it serves as a sort of therapy to release the fears related to the people and circumstances of life around her.

For this exhibition, Katya Traboulsi has taken the MRI scan, x rays - and used it to re-invent the portrait. Her art is about manipulating the surface to get underneath the surface. The inside of the body is a fearful place, usually left to the medical profession. The inside is the place we don’t look. The inside of our bodies is still taboo. But it is time to reclaim the beauty and perfection of it.

Prettiness is not the goal , its more about something glorious and fascinating. While our society worships looks and style, and makes its judgments accordingly, the judgment of the body is very different. The cells, systems, tissues and cavities of the body are gloriously made toward perfection. Katya Traboulsi has re-conducted us to view ourselves differently. We are more than we thought. We are movingly similar each one of us. Our separate personalities are temporarily erased, freeing us from the worry of self, into a united place that all of us share.
It is this united place that art makes possible. Her work does what art is supposed to do, open the way to another world.

The exhibition sponsor, William Wagner Geneva is delighted to be associated with ARTSPACE gallery for the next 12 months as a sponsor to highlight the beautiful hard work and art expressed by young Middle Eastern artists. The performance of artists across our history either through paintings, drawings, music, poetry, literatures, photography, sculptures and many more means transcend people mind and boundaries to build comfort, free interpretation for each and every one as well as trust in art and the artists.

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