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Artspace Gallery
PO Box: 506759, The Gate Village Bldg. 3
Level 2, Dubai International Financial Center
Dubai, U.A.E.
tel: +971 4323 0820     fax: +971 4323 0821
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Artspace Gallery was founded in 2003. It is now located at The Gate Village, Building 3 of Dubai International Financial Centre. Artspace is dedicated to promotion of Contemporary Middle Eastern Art and Artists. The gallery caters to the taste and trends of the sophisticated Dubai art market and the gallery's discerning worldwide collector base. The gallery's diverse clientele includes private collectors, art consultants, corporate art consultants, architects, interior designers as well as business-people, government, diplomatic and social VIPs. Artspace gallery offers the client an extraordinary opportunity to acquire and taste some of the most contemporary Middle Eastern Art. Every three weeks, artist's artworks are exhibited, ranging from paintings to sculpture. 

Artspace is a key player in the contemporary art field and has begun to branch out regionally. Local partnerships with highly acclaimed art houses and auction establishments have helped push Artspace into the forefront of the market. 

Like most aspects of this city, the art scene is booming and Artspace singles itself out from other competitors by offering distinctive and unrivaled services to its clients and artists. The demand for Middle Eastern Contemporary Art is influenced not only by the overall economic conditions, but also by the changing trends in the art market as to what kinds of property and the works of artists are most sought after and by the collecting preferences of individual collectors, all of which can be unpredictable, particularly in a new market.

Maliha AL-Tabari , Artspace's Gallery Director, has operated the gallery for five years upon her return from the U.S.A. after completing her B.F.A as well as a minor in Art History at Otis College of Art and Design, California and Ringling School of Art and Design, Florida. Maliha, who is a painter/sculptor herself says; "Ever since I returned to Dubai, I have noticed the lack of contemporary art and felt the need to promote modern Middle Eastern art in the country". Backed up by family as well as professional investors and collectors, all are extremely passionate about Art and focus on the long term success of the art business. The gallery is managed by qualified personnel, all contain well-established backgrounds in the field of Arts and all offer consultation.

Artspace opened its doors at the Fairmont Dubai on May 2003 under the patronage of Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein and at initiative of Ms. Maliha Al Tabari. Today, the team consists of management and active shareholders from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, all sharing the same life-time passion: art in general and Middle East contemporary art, in particular. 

This is a passion that they strive to communicate to connoisseurs and novices alike. With the promotion of Middle Eastern contemporary art at auction houses such as Christies and Sothebys and the advent of the Dubai Art Fair, Artspace has seen its business substantially grow over the last 12-18months. 

Art Space has also had the pleasure to be involved with world renowned establishments such as the British Museum. 

Not only does Art space cater to the needs of both artists and art enthusiasts alike, but the gallery has gone beyond the boundaries of simply holding exhibitions and provides consulting for art investors as well as offering corporate art services to institutions. 

Through the course of its business, art space has established a lasting working and mutually beneficial relationship with artists that have set the standards within auction houses and art fairs across the globe. 

Gallery Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm Saturday to Thursday


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