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Constrained by business and market factors, a large number of Thai artists are deprived from much-needed opportunities to manifest their works to the public. Most fine works of arts are accessible only at large, expensive galleries, making arts unaffordable for average people. Moreover, there exist very few channels through which new generation of Thai artists can present their works to middle-class public. Similarly, students of arts have two few accesses to public arena where they can put their arts practice to real shows.

In an attempt to eradicate these limitations, a group of young Thai artists with a well-blended vision of arts and business have come together to follow their dream towards establishment of HOF Art Center.

We are arts people educated at various Thai arts schools – Silpakorn, Por Chang, Chang Silpa, Chulalongkorn Univerisity, KMITL ( Lad Krabang) , among others. Although bred from different schools, we do share one thing – a deep love for arts

After coming out from schools, it took us some time to do some soul searching to find true self and inner being. We met and shared the same dream at Zone 7 Arts Market at Jatujak weekend market. There, we finally learned a real meaning of “Professional Artists.”

Nonetheless, we were not satisfied with just that at Zone 7Arts Market at Jatujak weekend market. Our inspiration is to move ahead and make dream come true—to establish a one-stop modern arts center where you can find virtually all forms of arts created by new generation of Thai artists. Our vision is to give Thailand's one of the most perfect resource centers of arts.


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