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Set up by Mr Vickram Sethi in 1990, The Arts Trust  has been actively engaged in promoting Contemporary Indian Art.

It focuses on the promotion of innovative art by established as well as young artists. The viewers at the exhibitions have increased tremendously in the last 5 years, as general awareness and interest in Indian contemporary art has developed over the years.

When The Arts Trust first started in 1990, it was only those people who had a dedicated interest in such art who sought out the gallery to see works by new artists. The number built up steadily over a period of time and is considerably larger now.

Events presented by The Arts Trust range from shows catering to large audiences and single-evening events tailor-made for select people. Besides organising art exhibitions that showcase a wide range of talent and creativity, it also provides art lovers and patrons alike with an opportunity to see promising works in different genres. Combining a deep knowledge and appreciation of Indian art with market reach, The Arts Trust has curated over 150 exhibitions and has with the passage of time, established itself as the best source for quality works of art by distinguished artists.

The Arts Trust's mission is to increase public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Indian Modern and Contemporary art.  We want to strengthen its position and extend its influence as the center for Indian art. Our aim is to advance its local, national and international position and to secure its future development. We will develop programmes which reach audiences world wide through the online medium. We want to understand our audiences better, to broaden their socio-economic and ethnic mix and to improve the quality of their experience.

We wish to improve The Arts Trust’s relationship with our many friends, supporters and advisors, use our profile to achieve greater impact for our activities and further the contribution of the visual arts.



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