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Vitamin Creative Space
Room 301, 2 9Hao, Heng Yi Jie
Chi Gang Xi Lu, Guangzhou
510300 China
tel: +86 20 8429 6760     fax: +86 20 8429 5609
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by Vitamin Creative Space
Location: Vitamin Creative Space @ Mirrored Gardens
Artist(s): Firenze LAI
Date: 28 Oct - 28 Nov 2015

humid / Space with wrong colour temperature / 5:58pm / first paragraphs of a novel / the third day after vacation
bathing in the sun / wearing a hat / wearing a coat
getting ready to run / lying down, back, lower back arch and the hollow / unmatched seat back curve / unmatched desk height
approaching someone / riding the underground / an emotionless moment
direction of road signs / proportion of railings / the end of piers / steep ramps / balconies / nursing homes
carrying someone on one’s back / pains / allergies /stand straight, aligned / falls / turning off the light / skin, clothes, wind, hills, turning corners
— Firenze Lai
Those things remained in our minds / retain the shape / we breathed decade ago
A deliberately made face / a distorted body
You walk towards here instead of there / human chain tightened
In between the curvature of horizon and fallen stars / I assumed, every breath / can burn some souls / while comfort some other hearts / every time in a crowd / can alleviate the anxiety for future
A person standing while distracted/ /sitting while singing / looking for someone / to live with / on an empty canvas / put the first stroke
Thus, a painting appears / before one person can become another person / (before I become You)
No one is innocent / and yet the only judge is yourself.
— Hu Fang
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