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Vitamin Creative Space
Room 301, 2 9Hao, Heng Yi Jie
Chi Gang Xi Lu, Guangzhou
510300 China
tel: +86 20 8429 6760     fax: +86 20 8429 5609
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Vitamin: Vitamins are essential for life, Vitamin Creative Space views contemporary art as the vitamin which keeps our life and society open.

Space: It is a Space of physical and spiritual unity: the "Space" has been developing by the non-stop explorations within the transforming Chinese context, practically and theoretically.

Creative: Life is a process of endless movement and extension.The activities happening in this Space are constantly connected with the floating energies from life.

Vitamin Creative Space is exploring an alternative working mode, specifically geared to the contemporary Chinese context. In order to operate independently from institutionalized funding, it is active both as an "independent" art space and as a "commercial" gallery. Vitamin Creative Space is actively challenging the preconception by merging these two, which traditionally are opposed strategies for supporting and presenting contemporary art, raising the searching of new Chinese contributions both from artistic practice level and institutional level within the new global context.



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