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The world’s art scene is constantly widening and developing with the appearance of new styles which display the innovative views of young artists. It is similar in Vietnam, young artists have caught up with the trends and are developing rapidly.

In early 2005, as an affiliate of Modern Art Company, Suffusive Art Gallery opened to promote and to affirm the values of young talented Vietnamese contemporary artists. With the wish to create a centre for exchange of art between Vietnam and other countries in the world and to introduce the highest quality and most valuable of contemporary Vietnamese works. We hope you will find at our Gallery that young, contemporary Vietnamese artists are doing their best to express their unique talents, to build a new style of art - richer and more diverse.

With ambition and a great desire for arts, we wish you will feel satisfied and enthusiastic with the art works and the artists showcased here. With a professional working style and a comprehensive understanding, we will help you to have in your address book a trustful and most attractive destination when you want to enjoy Vietnamese modern art.



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