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Powen Gallery
No.77, Guo’an 1st Rd.
Xitun Dist.
Taichung City 407, Taiwan   map * 
tel: +886 4 2463 3239     fax: +886 4 2463 6920
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Powen Gallery is devoted to discovering artists with great potential and displaying their works, both in and beyond our own gallery. Through effective marketing, we seek to promote these fine works internationally and allow people everywhere the opportunity to acquaint themselves with these artists.

At the same time, Powen Gallery provides encouragement to all the artists we represent. It is our hope to see the potential of these artists expand freely, unbound by the constrictions of the market or the influence of popular trends, and thereby secure a future place in art history.

We seek to elevate the general public’s interest in art by sharing what professionals know about art history, aesthetics, artistic theory, and art investment; thus allowing people to enter the heart of the art world. We also seek to increase people’s sensitivity to art and its presence within everyday life, so that everyone can arrive at their own understanding of what art means.

Because of the many traps lurking in the market, art investment is an extremely involved process. We offer professional art market analysis and suggestions, which allow buyers and collectors to avoid unwise strategies and learn to identify the market’s many false lures, while at the same time experiencing the joy of collecting art pieces.

Powen Gallery does not hold exhibitions indiscriminately. Every exhibition which we plan goes through a careful selection process that insists upon the highest calibre of artists works of art for our audiences.

And finally, so that visitors can feel at home upon entering our doors, Powen Gallery also provides tables, chairs, books & resources, and an overall comfortable atmosphere – a small art museum unto itself.

Opening hours: Tuesday- Sunday: 10am-7pm, Closed on Monday


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