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hpgrp Gallery New York
529 West 20th St. 2W
New York, NY 10011   map * 
tel: +1 212 727 2491     fax: +1 212 727 7030
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mission and history

Understanding the importance of beauty and art in people's lives, H.P. France Group (HPF) through hpgrp gallery New York focuses on bringing art into everyday life. Starting almost 25 years ago with a single fashion boutique in Harajuku, Tokyo, HPF is now a business leader in Japan, an international operation with 100 high-end boutiques worldwide with ventures in publishing and art, among other projects.

In a new direction, HPF opened hpgrp gallery New York three years ago in the Meatpacking District followed by a gallery in Tokyo after New York's two-year anniversary. To introduce the gallery and art to a younger generation, the Tokyo gallery created display-window galleries in the two busiest train stations catering to tens of thousands of commuters daily, often featuring emerging talents. The galleries collaborate, developing business in the U.S. and Japan and exchanging artists and ideas. New York introduces contemporary art from around the world while Tokyo concentrates on Japanese artists.

hpgrp gallery New York presents a wide range of contemporary artists with a focus on those merging Western ideas and Japanese culture. We showcase established artists as well as introduce emerging artists, giving young talent a public forum. In tandem with building relationships with art collectors, we are trying to find new markets, for example, in collectors of fashion. Since fashion collectors appreciate beauty and hold such a passion, we seek to intrigue them with art, a natural expansion for a company built on fashion, and we are proud to create first-time collectors.

hpgrp gallery New York will continue offering new art experiences, cultivating relationships with artists and collectors, as well as seeking and developing new art markets.

H.P. France Group History
Developing international operation with 100 boutiques worldwide
Established hpgrp gallery in Tokyo
Established hpgrp gallery in New York
Established H.P. FRANCE H.K. Inc. and opened the first oversea shop in Hong Kong
Established H.P. FRANCE N.Y. Inc. in New York
Established DESTINATION27 S.A.R.L. in Paris
Established H.P. FRANCE Inc. in Tokyo and started to import and wholesale European accessories, jewelry and clothing Opened Paris office, started dealing with young French accessory and jewelry creators and established H.P.FRANCE S.A.R.L in 1991
Established Harajuku Project Corporation in Tokyo
Opened a retail store of young lady’s clothing called ‘Lamp’ in Harajuku, Tokyo and founded H.P. France Group

Opening hours:
Tue - Sat  11 am - 6 pm   closed on Mon & Sun


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