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Olivia Fine Art, formerly Olyvia Oriental, was founded in 2005 by Olyvia Kwok, and quickly established itself as a leading gallery in contemporary Chinese painting in the UK. Since then, it has enjoyed great success promoting Chinese artists from the post 1989 avant-garde movements, and those born in the wake of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The gallery has been dedicated to establishing Chinese contemporary art as an integral part of international contemporary art.

Olyvia Fine Art’s artists have been endorsed by collectors who continue to generate awareness and appreciation of Asian contemporary art such as Charles Saatchi, Larry Walsh, Frank Cohen and Herman Heinsbroek. The gallery has also developed partnerships with corporate institutions (banks such as Coutts & Co, JP Morgan Private Bank, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, Swiss based hedge funds and private equity firms) and art funds (such as The Fine Art Fund Group). In addition, Olyvia Fine Art benefits from very strong institutional relations in the mainland china, with major art investors such as the Shangri-la hotel Groups, and CMCB private wealth management.

Having successfully promoted the Asian scene, the gallery has recently expanded its market to include Western modern and contemporary art.  Its aim is to show international emerging and established Chinese and Asian artists in juxtaposition with Western contemporary artists and their modern forbears.

While embracing this new direction, Olyvia Fine Art will remain focused on contemporary Chinese art.  The gallery will continue to represent acclaimed Chinese names including Ling Jian, Guo Jin, He Sen, Zong Biao and Zeng Chuanxing, alongside young talented artists like Han Yajuan, and Ren Zhenyu, who characterize pop and kitsch trends. Concurrently, the gallery will promote artists such as Fan Xiaoyan and Zhang Peng, whose works are among the most extreme and controversial in Chinese contemporary art.


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