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At Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the district of galleries, the photographer Satoshi Saïkusa (http://www.satoshisaikusa.com/) and his team to stage a place at the crossing of roads, between the secret dewelling place, the contemporary cabinet of curiosities and the gallery of exhibition without of white walls « de rigueur ». Inside, three rooms invite visitors to enter an intimate space, baroque to certain places.

They have chosen to name this place DA-END which means « oval » in japanese.
A figure which evokes the roundness of uterin, dark erotic power, the pleasure situated between obsessions, dreams and nightmares. Perhaps the den of nothingness. Eros and Thanatos will form the Ariadne's thread of works presended in this place. This thread will be also opportunity for artists, even preoccupied by other problems, to come exhibit, in an aside, certain facets of their creativity close to the spirit of DA-END.
Opening hours:
Tue - Sat  12 pm - 7 pm   closed on Mon & Sun


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