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"Taste", "Art" has been all the catchy social language, but how many people To tell them the real meaning of it? It does not matter! Does not matter. "Appreciation of the arts", "Taste Life" tell the truth, really do not need high enigmatic arts Theory to support the operation, "taste" has not established criteria. With popular feeling that as long as "I like!" Like. Each aesthetic, hobbies are different, not tailored "products Taste ", no lofty" art. "

Gallery107 provide a warm and comfortable space in which artists stage There is also a dynamic static final interaction is to achieve and art-loving public as the most cordial Exchanges. "The mountains are not high, but the immortal soul; water is not deep, clear that out.", In his Out and the audience, the best we will play a mixed space, is a "sway Art" "Taste Life" warmth Xiao Zhan.

To "that spans" who is "not bad"! We are also long-term display to display the "not bad" The essay. A unique flavor of African wood carvings, unique textile art, there are daily life Living in the appliances, such as chairs, stools, beds, etc., both the collection and practicality. In addition, It is nostalgia for old things, like a time tunnel into a money in that strong Feelings of old. Perhaps with a treasure hunt looking forward to us, will be able to find your favorite Memories. . . . .


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