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Openspace Bae
ilgwang-myeon, gijang-gun,
Busan, South Korea(619-912)   map * 
tel: +51 724 5201     
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‘Openspace Bae' is a non-profit alternative space in Busan, South Korea.
'Bae' in the name is a Korean word with manifold meanings; a pear, a ship or double. The name itself signifies location of the space in the pear orchard, locality of Busan as a harbor city and promotion(double) of art. The name of the space represents our will to the promotion of contemporary art in the new space.

The goal of Openspace Bae is to be a path to contemporary art world, which reflects actively and promptly the rapid change of art.

By developing a new system of exhibition and embracing new issues of contemporary art, we aim to provide the artists with space and chance to present their art. Especially, our Artist-in-Residence program will help them to draw a new vision of contemporary art by supporting their artistic imagination and experiments.

Also, our various support programs will create an opportunity to find promising young artists and to invite experimental exhibitions in alternative forms. Basically, we would like to support non-profit projects with an emphasis on artistic experiments or experimental ideas.

Located in the outskirt of the city and surrounded with nature-friendly environment, Openspace Bae is a space for those who wish to break away from white cubes and the institutional framework for the sake of true freedom of art. It will be a platform of communication for artists, curators and critics from across the country, where they can exchange substantial information and construct a steady network.


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