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Gallery Maek-Hyang digs up and supports promising young artists through the exhibitions of contemporary art works.

Gallery Maek-Hyang was established on March 19th, 1976, as the first private gallery in Daegu. Since its establishment, to exhibit the true features of Korea modern and contemporary art, I have been consistently planning the gallery-inviting show. Through my sibling, "Space Maek-Hyang", I have extended my contribution to the field of Korean traditional performance art such as music, plays, and dance.

In 1978, 〈Dageu Art Academy〉was built to enlarge the population of art lovers and opened classes for critique and practical techniques in music and art. From 1984 to 1987, under the motto of popularization of fine art, I operated "Love Maek-Hyang" which was a print-art-only gallery. With the help of it, I had produced twenty print art collections.

The director established the Korea Print Art Promotion Committee in 1994, and took the position of the first and second chairperson. During my term, under the auspices of it, they sponsored the Seoul International Print Works Art Fair and concentrated their efforts on the evolution of multiful arts. At the time of my inauguration of the 13th president of Galleries Association of Korea in 2003, they broke new ground of internationalization of Korean art works by organizing the Korea International Gallery Art Fair. Thanks to the fruit of this effort, now Asian art gets nearer to the center of the world art market and engraves its aesthetics among the international art world.

By joining international art fairs, and sponsoring exchange-exhibition with galleries overseas, they will put more of my effort to bring to light young promising artists within the country and from overseas who will lead the world art market. They also try to evolve my gallery to lead the Asian art market in the 21st century.

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat 10 am - 6 pm  Sun & Holiday 11 am - 6 pm (During Exhibition)


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