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Established Since 9th March 2001, Galeri Canna has become a significant contemporary art gallery in Indonesia nowadays. Placed in an urban-cosmopolitan area in north Jakarta, many leading intergeneration artists have exhibited their works in the gallery. Agus Suwage, Putu Sutawijaya, FX Harsono, Haris Purnama, Heri Dono, Eddie HaRa, R.E. Hartanto, J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, Radi Arwinda, Tinton Satrio, Dolorosa Sinaga, Pande Ketut Taman, Suraji, Laksmi Shitaresmi, Win Dwi Laksono, Dadang Rukmana, Nyoman Darya and more, are the most leading Indonesian names who have participated in exhibitions, both solo or group exhibition in Galeri Canna.

Their participation is considered as a high appreciation to Galeri Canna's existence in Indonesia's contemporary art world. Therefore, it is necessity for Galeri Canna to react and follow up by associating their work to art public and art enthusiasts or collectors, both in national and international scale. This is a commitment Galeri Canna has made, to together initiate and prosper Indonesian art in national and international scene.

For such reason, Galeri Canna-with a noble intention-participated in " China International gallery Exposition 2008", an international scaled art exhibition in Beijing, China, on 24-28 April 2008, ShContemporary -08 Best of Discovery Project, which  will feature special projects selected by 10 specialized curators from the Asia-Pacific regio. Our recent participation on the International Art Fair was Art Asia Miami, USA on 3-7 December 2008. With the exciting 2009 we will be participating in China International Gallery Exposition 2009.

Galeri Canna does not only intend to engange with many other galeries in international scope, in this exhibition Galeri Canna also present several works from Indonesian Artists-expectantly that this moment may earn acknowledgment from international art public.

Beside, discerning that the development of art discourses is not as reassuring as market reception in Indonesia art scene, particularly in these last 10 years, Galeri Canna is called to initiate by publishing several art books, at least Indonesian artists and their works monography. Among them are "The Unseen As Seen by Made Wianta Drawings 1977-2004", written by Hendro Wiyanto (2004); " Fan-Tastic Lady from F. Widayanto", Written by Agus Dermawan T, Asikin Hasan and Setianingsih Purnomo (2005); "S. Sudjojono: The Visible Soul", Written by Amir Sidharta (2006); and "Legacy of Sagacity" - the case of Putu Sutawijaya written by Jim Supangkat at 2008.

By so, Galeri Canna desires to walk between the aisle of "the discourse of market" and the market of discourse" of Indonesian art scene-which in the past has been an undisputable feud to no avail. In other words, Galeri Canna assumes that "the market discourse" and "the market of discourse" . or "appreciation" and "transaction", are two things envisioning each other, and there is no need to necessiate contradictions between them.

With such desire, Galeri Canna does not only join well known artists in Indonesia, but also invites young artists to exhibit their works. In around 60 times of exhibition in these 8 years, Galeri Canna has never withdrawn inviting young artists from Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Malang, and Yogyakarta, and even Chinese artists. By inviting them, Galeri Canna is able to get to know them closer, and better-and of course to introduce their works to the art public and more extensive audience throughout national scope, by arranging qualified exhibitions.

All those efforts are accomplished-with good intention, strong will, and professional management-to express commitment and participation of Galeri Canna to empower creative movement in Indonesia.

Galeri Canna loves art, and that is why Galeri Canna is wholeheartedly willing to contribute the best for Indonesian art, and even, throughout the world.


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