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Sfera Gallery
17 Benzaiten-cho
Kyoto 605-0086 Japan   map * 
tel: +81 75 532 1139     fax: +81 75 532 1121
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Sfera is based in an ancient capital, Kyoto and has been working in Japan and abroad intensively. This has allowed Sfera to propose a new lifestyle by producing new items with the aim of creating new values despite of the cultural differences between East and West. Sfera emphasizes not only the historic beauty of Japan, but also the sensibility of the handicraft culture. This has led Sfera to transform the beauty of making and explore traditional aesthetics in the modern age. From sweets to products, through architecture, furniture and interior design, Sfera aims to convey a creative value to our daily life by creating senses and items that work in harmony with each other.


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