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The opportunities presented by investing in art have not gone unnoticed by many in Singapore. More than that, much praise has been sung about the positive effects of harvesting the emotional value that is deeply interwoven with a good piece of art.

While the prevalent trend has been to import foreign art, Metakaos Art Gallery does the converse by promoting works by Singaporean artists locally, regionally and internationally. They have an affinity for local artists who have shown a great talent for, and determination to make Singapore a great city of art to live in.

In seeking them out, they have found extremely interesting personalities in the various disciplines of the artistic world. They each come to the table proposing enticing formal solutions to the synthesis of fundamental eastern and western aesthetic principles.

The gallery represents artists who have achieved recognition and attained a level of maturity. Their works are sought after by collectors, with their value expected to grow in the near future; and their areas of influence set to increase considerably in importance and extension.

Metakaos Art Gallery is designed with the purpose of allowing a more extensive social interaction, than merely a space for viewing art works. They are dynamic living rooms where the exchange of ideas, thoughts and aesthetic values is the norm.


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