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Tembusu Art Gallery, established in 2006, was set up by three friends who share a common love – fine art. Their vision is to create a conducive and non intimidating environment so that art lovers, both the novice and the discerning ones, can come together to appreciate or acquire works of art.

Tembusu Art Gallery specializes in artworks from Southeast Asian countries and it represents artists, both emerging and master artists, from the region. The spectrum of artworks carries by Tembusu Art Gallery spans from paintings of various genres and mediums to sculptures and ceramics. It is essentially a friendly and inviting boutique gallery presenting a wide selection of artworks to anyone who wishes to start a collection of works of art.

The story of Tembusu...
Tembusu (Fagraea frangrans) is a highly valued tree that is native to Singapore. It is impressively beautiful with its creamy white flowers, which are strongly fragrant especially during the late evening. Tembusu is also a long-lived tree with extremely durable timbers that have wide commercial applications. In fact, a specimen that is believed to be over 200 years old is still standing within the ground of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

As a native Singaporean tree, Tembusu stands for qualities such as graciousness, resilience and contribution to society.

When Tembusu meets art...
Tembusu Art Gallery envisages a dynamic community of artists and art lovers. It strives to provide a forum for artists to showcase their works and for art lovers to simply appreciate or own a piece of the artists’ “labour of love”.


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