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We started off in 1984 with a simple belief that fine art is more than just superior workmanship. For us, art is also about truth, grace and beauty. Truth, in all its nuances, implies honesty in an artist’s experience about his art. We believe that this is the line that separates craft from art. Great art, whether it is a simple sculpture or a complex painting, is a reflection on humanity and the human condition. Our greatest satisfaction has been in the sharing of this experience. We believe that our enthusiasm to share and our painstaking efforts to seek far and wide for the finest works of art have made us one of the most successful galleries. We promote some of China 's most brilliant contemporary artists, including Jia Youfu, Jiang Caiping, Chen Hui, Cai Xiaofeng, Fu Xiaoning, Xu Renlong, Zhao Xiaohai for Chinese ink painting, and Li Tianxiang, Wen Lipeng, Ma Changli, Zhao Youping, Yang Hong Tai, Chen Junde, Bob Yan (Yan Bo), Pan Shixun, Wang Yipeng, Li Yanzhou, Wang Xin, Liu Xiao, Wang Shaolun, Chen Hui, Li Mu, Yang Jing, Xu Zhiguang, Zeng Chuanxing, Gao Yujin, Zhao Yanan, Uuganbayar, Wan Xiaojia for oil painting. We also represent master lacquer painter Zheng Yikun and two Singaporean oil painters Koeh Sia Yong and Tan Choh Tee.

As art collectors ourselves, we believe that every person who steps into our galleries in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing should have the opportunity to own a choice piece of art. Our policy is to keep the prices of good art items as affordable as possible so others can share in our enjoyment of the fine arts.


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