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Located at Workloft @ Chip Bee in Holland Village, The Aryaseni Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that specializes in Asian artists.

Presently, the gallery has a strong focus on up-and-coming Indonesian artists, and represents a number of talented Indonesian artists including: Gusti Alit, Suklu (Wayan Sujana), Wayan Sudiarta, Narko, Suharmanto, Zam Kamil and more.

Artists that are selected to showcase at The Aryaseni are carefully handpicked by a committee who travels frequently to various cities in Indonesia, ensuring a high-level of exhibits.

One of the Aryaseni’s objectives is to nurture and support talented artists and often showcases artists who are on the brink of a breakthrough. In addition, the gallery also exhibits established and award-winning artists whose works have been sold at various auction houses in Asia. The broad spectrum of artworks shown at the gallery are of a very high quality at reasonable prices and is an ideal place for new or experienced art buyers to source out and acquire paintings and sculptures.

Artists chosen to exhibit at the Aryaseni include: Suklu (Philip Morris Art Award 2003, CP Open Biennale 2003), Gusti Alit (2003 Indofood Art Award winner), Edo Murtic (Venezia Biennale, Gold Medal by The President of The Italian Republic at the Premio), Wahyu Gunawan (Nokia Art Award 2000), Noor Ibrahim (Venezia Biennale 2005) and more.

The Aryaseni is committed to promoting and generating more awareness of Asian artists and puts on at least one exhibit per year that is dedicated to the works of a master painter. In 2005, the gallery featured the works of master painter Arie Smit, and in 2006, a rare collection of watercolor paintings by Indonesian artist Rusli were showcased.


Opening hours:
Tue - Sat 11 am - 7 pm  Sun 1 pm - 6 pm


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