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Gallery Hyundai
122 Sagan-dong, Chongro-ku,
Seoul 110-190,
Korea   map * 
tel: +82 2 734 6111     fax: +82 2 734 1616
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Lee Bae Solo Exhibition
by Gallery Hyundai
Location: Gallery Hyundai Main Space
Artist(s): LEE Bae
Date: 18 Nov - 14 Dec 2014

Gallery Hyundai shows Lee Bae's solo exhibition at Gallery Hyundai main space from November 18 to December 14. Lee Bae based in Paris and makes his artworks. Nowadays Lee (b.1956) has a strong active in Seoul and Paris. For this exhibition Lee exhibits more than 20 artworks, paintings and installation works that his past works since 2000 to present.

Lee is highly regarded at home and abroad with his constant experimental mind; moreover he makes many different ways of artwork which is drawing, canvas, and installation through a charcoal, he extends his artistic area too. In this exhibition has three parts. Lee’s present painting work that using an acrylic medium, 2000s Charcoal works and Installation work.

Lee Bae and black go a long way back together. The story begins in the early 1990s and with his arrival in Paris. He had just left his native South Korea and was entering a period of transition. But chance soon brought him a remedy: not only to the feeling of loneliness and strangeness of being abroad, to the nostalgia, but to the financial problems too. One day, close to his studio, he found a warehouse selling sacks of charcoal. The material reminded him of his origins, the world of India ink, calligraphy, and a deep grounding in the Korean tradition with its symbolic power and poetic impact. It also turned out to be inexpensive. Now began the adventure of black. Lee Bae would spend fifteen years working with this material, exploring all its striations, and bringing all its many plastic possibilities in order to affirm and valorize the qualities of black.

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