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The 'La Mer' as the name Art of various genres Widely embraced by, living in a naturally want to lead in the dissemination of art and culture pervading Must.

At October 2001 the nation's largest private gallery (300 PY) was opened to. Since then, dachae dealt with exhibitions and to present high-level dignitary I quickly changed the whole Gallery La Mer views of contemporary art to go along with a variety of exhibitions, our emotions and aesthetic through a novel interpretation of contemporary exhibitions, we establish the identity and the popularization of art will contribute. Year 'La Mer Leading Artists',' La Mer New Artists' Project Conspiracy and 'La Mer creative support program for young artists' and writers support a variety of programs Senior author of the novel Revisited, personality of the young artists committed to supporting creative activities Can.

Art Gallery La Mer in the future for us with the task of modernizing and popularizing

Author Assistance Program continued to move through the index, we arrange art plan.

Opening hours:   
10. 30 am - 6.30 pm


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