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Special Exhibition II
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Jun Seok MO, Ji Hyun JEONG, Chang ha HWANG
Date: 26 Jan - 13 Feb 2011

Gallery SUN Contemporary is pleased to announce a group exhibition <Special Collection> by three Korean artists, Mo Jun Seok, Jung Ji Hyun and Hwang Changha.
Mo Jun Seok

Artist Mo Jun Seok utlizes basic elements of figurative art, lines and sides and creates his unique installaion works highlighting both three-dimensional extensity and picturesque effects. Based on his personal experiences, his works comprised of copper wire and stainded glass only re-analyze a common preception toward the house and stimulate viewers' memories and thoughts as well as their imaginations. Houses which have been the main subject matter in his sculpture are more than a means of protection and/or a space of possession. With vivid colored stained glasses and extended copper wires, his houses become a place for communication and a realm of coexistence where individuality is respected and idealistic community, Koinoinia is established after the self-emptying, Kenosis.

Mo Jun Seok graduated Kookmin University and is currently working on MFA at the same university. Young artist Mo has already recognized for his artistic talent as he received Excellence from Christian Grand Art of Korea in 2009 and Grand Prize at Chumgmu Gallery Art Contest in the same year. He was selected as one of the young artists representing sculpture genre and participates Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair HK 2011 (AHAF) in February. His solo exhibition is scheduled at Korean Art Museum in August.
Jung Ji Hyun
To anyone, their own room is probably the most relaxed place in the world. Sometimes objects that occupy the space feel too familiar and their meaning of existence become forgotten. Artist Jung Ji Hyun introduces such ordinary belongings of the room like drawers and plants on her canvas. Painted objects, however, lost familiarity and evoke strange and unfamiliar feelings as the artist bleaches them extremely white and adds red spines or mold all over. Therefore her paintings hold coziness and easiness that original object gives as well as opposite sensitivities like inconvenience that the transformed subject arouses. This coexistence suggests viewers a new vision into our ordinary lives, calling us to an imaginary world.

Jung Ji Hyun graduated Hongik University in 2000 and received her MFA and PhD from the same university. Since she was awarded Excellence at the 10th New Frontier Award Exhibition, her extraordinary talent has been recognized as she won many prestigious art contests including Na Hyesuk Women Arts Contest, SonEun Arts Award and Joongang Fine Arts Competition. At the moment, the artist is studying at Goldsmiths, University of London. 
Hwang Changha
New York based Korean artist Hwang Changha moved to the United States in his early twenties and has shown active performances in overseas, mainly America and the Europe region. Hwang has consistently focused on creating abstract paintings comprised of unique color, geometrical structure and three-dimensional space using basic painting medium, acrylic paint. Various colored sides and lines meet and create new space in his canvas and bring a three-dimensional visual effect in whih the space are changeable according to perspective thus viewers are invited to freely explore the structures within the abstract world.

Hwang Changha majored in Painting and Drawing in Parsons School of Design, received exchange program scholarship to the Frank Mo Institute in Netherlands and completed MFA at Hunter College in New York. Unlike the trend of contemporary art where figural representation and narrative expression are dominant, his works which pursue pure abstraction are shown in world major cities like New York, Paris, Madrid and Brussels through numerous solo exhibitions and some prestigious art fairs. Currently he prepares for both his solo exhibition scheduled at Benrimon Contemporary in April and a group show Jamaica Center for the Arts happening in the same month.

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