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Gallery SUN contemporary, founded in 2005, is an affiliate of Sun Gallery, which was founded in 1977. Gallery SUN contemporary is located in Sogyeok-dong, a recognized center of culture and art in Seoul, Korea.

Since its beginning, Gallery SUN contemporary has focused on introducing and promoting the contemporary works of international art community and building a bridge of communication between the artists and audience.

Just as postmodernism is deeply rooted in its predecessor, modernism, Gallery SUN contemporary is rooted in Sun Gallery and was established and influenced by the traditional Korean Art community.

Gallery SUN Contemporary looks to bring a wide range of creative diversity and depth of contemporary art from around the world to Seoul and vice versa.

Representing artists from both Korean and abroad, exhibitions have included a myriad media of modern and contemporary art: painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video art.

One goal of Gallery SUN contemporary has been promote the open and active exchange of an art and ideas between the International Art Community and Korea. Gallery SUN contemporary promotes Asian contemporary artists to global collectors and audience through the participation in many international art fairs such as Art Cologne, Shanghai Art Fair, CIGE (China International Gallery Expo), KIAF (Korea International Art Fair) and ART Singapore 2006.

Gallery SUN contemporary’s dynamic creativity, coupled with its value of and roots in the tradition of Korean Art, has positioned it to strengthen and rise into the international art market by simultaneously promoting our unique Korean artist globally and by introducing in cutting-edge, international artists to Korea.

Opening hours:
Mon - Sat 10 am - 6.30 pm  Closed on Sun


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