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Meet Again the Ant Sprites
by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Sun Mi SHIN
Date: 14 Mar - 7 Apr 2013

Gallery Sun Contemporary is please to introduce the new exhibition of Sunmi Shin. Her new works after 2010 became more comprehensive than her previous works with intriguing narratives and spatial compositions. Although she uses Korean painting technique, she overcomes popularism of Oriental painting as covering the current issue, and expands an arrange of materials.
Besides lifelike expression, she focuses on a character. As removing a background, only characters can deliver the story. Women in Korean traditional dress, children and tiny fairies look like the modern society, a mix of the past and the present. Like this, the artist tries to show aspects of the contemporary life through them.

The world of ant sprites join with the world of human being. A concept that only children can see ant sprites tells children is the only medium between the reality and imagine. The new series 'A story of pattern' shows the overlooking composition, which has more tension. This view helps audience to look all situations at eye. Also, people hidden in a traditional pattern makes a secret and curious feeling. This semiologic approach mingled neat traditional beauty and modern concept of design is derived from her consideration for composition and expression.

New artworks in this exhibition show that fairies want to get attention from children, while they concentrate on numbers on a receipt or a mobile phone. It reflects on children's behavior pattern. As only children recognize the fairies, she wishes that people go back to childhood and meet innocence again. She suggests that people recover their purity in the moder society, where direct communications is reducing gradually.

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