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by Gallery Sun Contemporary
Location: Gallery Sun Contemporary
Artist(s): Du Jin KIM
Date: 13 Dec 2012 - 6 Jan 2013

Gallery Sun Contemporary is pleased to Du Jin Kim, who has showed the identity with various medium, such as painting, video, and 3D graphic, 4th exhibition 'masterpiece'.
Studying Western painting, Kim has been developed as the artist who embraces various technique, beyond early painting works. Even he started using 3D graphic, modern new medium, for his work. His work in 3D graphic looks similar with other ways, painting, sculpture, photograph, or video, but it is not included in anywhere. In this viewpoint, his way to express can be ambiguous to viewers. However, it is obvious that 3D graphic has the very clear identity as a genre of art. Such its unfamiliarity and obscurity reveals in his whole works including his life.
Du Jin Kim imagines a frame of people in European notable paintings and recreate them in 3D graphic. In a flow of contemporary art, many contemporary artists, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol,Jeff Koons, and so on, have showed parody works under the name of 'borrowing and acculturation'. In spite of having justification, their works have emphasized humours aspect. Unlike them, Du jin Kim's borrowing has obvious theme. People in painting, who tell body, identity, relationship between body and spirit, and many social issues form them, are very usable materials to the artist.
In this exhibition, he borrowed and recreated 'The Origin of World' by Gustave Courbet, 'Expulsion from the Garden of Eden' by Masaccio, 'Ken Moody and Robert Sherman' by Robert Mapplethorpe. 'The Origin of World' was described realistically, which reminds of womb. As showing only bones, he excludes erotic atmosphere and division of gender in original painting. Through his works, the artist reacts against prejudice and division according to visual facts, in spite of there are various identities.
In this time, the artist will show performance art 'very ordinary couple'. In this performance, he suggests normal two guys on a bench. They don't act according to given script, but express own feeling for 'love' through acting or gesture or eyes. In ardent atmosphere between them, viewers could feel repulsion or spontaneousness The artist tries to observe different reaction of audience, and to tell that there are many identities public indifferent with.
The new exhibition with a definite identity reveals its ambiguousness through the title 'masterpiece'.

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